Hike More Worry Less

Who has ever said ‘NO’ to adventures? Millennials crave adventures and visit exciting places where they get to experience something new and something novel. The eagerness to go on an adventure and have fun be it on a solo trip or with peers is always fun, especially in today’s time where people have been isolated in their homes for almost a year.

Taking a break from the monotonous life has become mandatory and what better than an adventurous trip to Kanatal with Route 707, the best resort in Kanatal.

The adventure includes Trekking, hiking, water sports, jungle safari, camping, barbeque bonfire and you can experience all of this at Route 707, the best resort in Kanatal.

Hiking is the best form of exercise that anyone happily enjoys doing. Hiking makes you strong; clambering on uneven roads with fallen trees, across rivers engages your core and works your upper body for a truly holistic workout.

·        Reduces Stress

Our nine to five jobs, busy schedules, no personal life, no family time; all this increases the stress levels. Going for a hike reduces your blood pressure and generates a calming effect on your body that only nature can offer. Therefore we say, hike more worry less.

·        Hiking makes you happy

We have busy lives, and often surrounded by the negativity around that start playing in our heads over and over again. These thoughts make us unhappy and we began underestimating ourselves. But hiking does the exact opposite; it not only stimulates your mind and body but also makes you feel confident about yourself.

·        Improves your sleep quality

Walking or climbing over uneven roads consumes more energy in comparison to walking on plain roads. Also, you are exerting your body to perform tasks than relying on the new age stimuli like TVs, mobile phones, tablets, and computers. So you are ought to get a calm and peaceful sleep at night.

So when are you planning your hiking trip with Route 707? To know further details click on the website link and book your days today!

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