Defeat the Sun with these Water Sports this summer

Summers are very much at our doorsteps. Unlike other seasons, this season requires more refreshment and calls for adventure time. Well, what other way to refresh your soul than Water Sports.  Let’s take a look at the various adventure water sports offered by Route 707 Resorts Kanatal.  Tehri Lake is one of the most popular boating destinations among peace and adventure seekers all across the globe. As it is in proximity to the national capital, Route 707 has a list of water sports activities for your perfect relaxed and adventurous weekend.

Jet Skiing – The thrill you experience while riding a water scooter at high speed while exploring the corners of the beautiful Tehri Lake. When it comes to Jet Skiing, it is everyone’s favorite water sports in Tehri Lake.

Speed Boating- Exploring Boating at a faster speed is one experience full of thrill. It is the exact opposite of boating slowly. Cutting the water waves at a superhero speed will certainly bring an adrenaline rush to you.

Banana Ride- This is a unique and popular activity for both children and adults. In this Boat ride, you’ll sit on an inflated banana-shaped boat. It is then tugged with a speed boat. The speed boat will try to flip the banana boat.

Surfing: Tehri being an artificial lake, you get no waves to surf on. However, this only makes it exciting and more adventurous. It is modified as per the waters. You are supposed to balance yourself on a surfboard that is tied to a high-speed water boat. 

Route 707 also offers various combo packages along with these adventurous sports. So, if the sun sucks the soul out of you this summer, plan your weekend at Route 707 resorts, the best resort, and adventure camp in Kanatal.  Accommodation needs are also taken care of at Route 707 resorts, Kanatal. 

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