Year: 2022

Top 5 Short Weekend Treks!

Trekking is getting more popular, and more people are interested in adventurous activities these days but organizing a long journey is challenging owing to the time it takes, especially when visiting regions without network access, and in the age of working online, it may not always be possible to organize popular treks such as Har Ki […]

Adventure Camping in Kanatal

When it comes to organizing a fun weekend in Kanatal, camping has always been a popular choice. Camping in Kanatal is a delight for both your mind and body, thanks to the tranquil surroundings and the excitement of participating in adventurous mountain sports. Kanatal is 78 kilometers from Dehradun and 38 kilometers from Mussoorie and […]

Best Adventures To Tryout in Uttarakhand

If there’s one state in India that offers a number of activities for adventure-seekers, it’s probably Uttarakhand. Referred to as the “Devbhumi” or “The Land of the Gods” due to its religious significance and numerous pilgrimage centers, the state also attracts many adventure enthusiasts of all kinds throughout the year. Majestic mountains, high grasslands, frozen […]