5 Amazing Things to do in Kanatal in 2022 for a Relaxing Getaway

Kanatal is a peaceful and attractive Mussoorie neighborhood located on the Chamba-Mussoorie route. Though not widely known, Kanatal is picturesque, with an exquisite landscape, lush foliage, and a plethora of adventure sports. If you wish to spend your holiday in profound tranquillity with a splash of pleasure and adrenaline, travel to Kanatal and make sure to plan your stay at the best camping resort in Kanatal. Aside from the spectacular natural beauty, Kanatal offers a variety of intriguing activities. Here is a list of things to do in Kanatal.

Begin your vacation with some sightseeing in Kanatal. Surkanda Devi Temple is located around 5 kilometers from the city center. It is dedicated to God Sati and is accessible by a 2-kilometer hike. Tehri Dam, another renowned tourist destination near Kanatal, is well worth a visit.

One of the most exciting things to do in Kanatal is to trek for 5 – 6 kilometers on way to Chamba. The Kodai Jungle near Kanatal is ideal for trekking and ecological hikes and is a treat to wildlife enthusiasts. The jungle paths, which are home to wild orchids and dense flora, provide breath-taking views of the surrounding hills and valleys. Come here to see a diverse array of birds and animals such as Kakar, Ghoral, Wild Boar, and Musk Deer.

If you’re looking for some adventurous activities in Kanatal, plan a camping weekend. While camping in Kanatal, spend your day partaking in sports like volleyball and badminton, as well as activities like trekking and rock climbing. Night camping activities include bonfires, barbeques, games, and stargazing. Plus, it’s beneficial to bring your camping gear if you wish to organize your own activities.

Valley Crossing
Valley crossing is one of the finest activities to do in Kanatal because of the beautiful valleys. This well-known tourist attraction demands a great deal of patience and physical stamina. It is, however, done under expert supervision. Valley crossing includes pulling a rope across an 80-foot-deep valley. If you are a first-timer, choose a shorter distance for valley crossing and enjoy one of Kanatal’s greatest adventurous sports.

Jungle Safari
If you’re still wondering what to do in Kanatal, safari in Kodai Forest and animal spotting are two of the most exciting things to do in Kanatal. The Kodai Forest region from Swarg Yogini to Neelkanth boasts remarkable dense plush green foliage and is recognized for its diverse flora and wildlife. Numerous exotic bird species and animals, including Musk Deer, Wild Boar, Nilgai, and Barking Deer, may be found in the forest. Be prepared to photograph them, as well as the most beautiful panoramic splendors in Kanatal.

Now that you’re aware of all the fun things to do in Kanatal, make plans to visit soon! Also, now that you’re nearly there, and preparing to book your Kanatal weekend trip, let the best camping resort in Kanatal offer you a taste of all the fun you can have.

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