Adventure Camping in Kanatal

When it comes to organizing a fun weekend in Kanatal, camping has always been a popular choice. Camping in Kanatal is a delight for both your mind and body, thanks to the tranquil surroundings and the excitement of participating in adventurous mountain sports.

Kanatal is 78 kilometers from Dehradun and 38 kilometers from Mussoorie and is ideal for people looking for a relaxing weekend break. One can explore the area around Kanatal because it is located on the Chamba-Mussoorie route and act as a halfway point between the two. It is a beautiful place to spend a holiday, and camping in Uttarakhand’s Garhwal Himalayas is one of the pleasures of visiting Kanatal and staying in one of the many Kanatal Tents.

While camping in Kanatal, you will have numerous options for choosing the best tents and camps where you can enjoy a fast stroll in the adjacent places as well as a wonderful lunch while sitting around a bonfire in the Himalayas. The majority of the camps and tents in Kanatal are located at extremely high altitudes, making your journey more memorable and interesting. Sleeping beneath the gorgeous Himalayan night sky and waking up to the most amazing dawn of your life awaits you at Kanatal’s Camps and Tents.

Route 707 is the best adventure camp in Kanatal offering several activities like trekking, camping, jungle safari, hiking, water sports, biking, barbeque, and bonfire. Route 707 aims to deliver the best services while keeping your comfort in mind. Not only do we provide a stunning view of the Himalayan peaks, but our warmth and ethnicity will captivate your entire spirit. Route 707 features well-decorated and well-equipped rooms, cottages, and tents for its visitors’ enjoyment and adventure. The cottages at Route 707 are ideal for a family visit, with facilities such as sitting areas, and a connected bathroom. Tents are the most prevalent and fundamental form of lodging at Route 707. The tents have communal washrooms, a bonfire, breakfast, free wi-fi, and much more to make your stay worthwhile. As the best camping resort in Kanatal, Route 707 ensures that you depart with a bucket full of happy memories from your camping trip in Kanatal.

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