Top 5 Short Weekend Treks!

Trekking is getting more popular, and more people are interested in adventurous activities these days but organizing a long journey is challenging owing to the time it takes, especially when visiting regions without network access, and in the age of working online, it may not always be possible to organize popular treks such as Har Ki Dun, Kashmir Great Lakes, and so on. However, as the best adventure camping resort in Uttarakhand, we highlight a few short weekend hikes to help you plan your next adventure without having to worry about leaves or being separated from the digital world for an extended period of time.

George Everest Trek
George Everest peak is a mountaintop near George Everest’s residence in Mussoorie. It is not a trek in the traditional sense, but it may be a worthwhile hike for visitors visiting Mussoorie. The George Everest hike is 4 kilometers long (2 kilometers one way).

Chopta Chandrashila Trek
The climb to Chandrashila begins at the well-known hill station of Chopta. Chopta is a winter destination with a lot of snow and a summer destination with beautiful grassland and woodlands. Furthermore, the tallest Shiva temple in the world at Tungnath adds to the allure of this trek to the Chandrashila summit.

Dayara Bugyal Trek
The Dayara Bugyal trek leads to a vast meadow, one of the biggest in Uttarakhand, spanning over 4 kilometers in width. Dayara Bugyal is completely covered with snow throughout the winter, making the slopes ideal for skiers, while in the summer, the meadow is inundated with vibrant flowers with Rhododendron woods surrounding the pastures.

Nag Tibba Trek
Nag Tibba is a popular trek in Uttarakhand, with hundreds flocking to the path during the winter months when it receives a lot of snowfall. The Nag Tibba is a ridge peak that rises to a little over 3,020 meters in elevation and is bordered by dense Rhododendron woods that blossom in the spring and fall. The summit offers panoramic views of the Yamunotri chain of peaks. There are three main trekking routes that lead to Nag Tibba, the most popular of which begins in the village of Pantwari. The route from Pantwari village is ideal for winters. The other lines begin at Srikot (Bhatwari) and Devalsari. Summer treks along the path from Srikot are great. All three routes meet at the Nag Tibba base camp.

Deoban Trek
The Deodar trees that dominate the terrain around the entire forest give the trek its name. It is unusual to come across lush deodar woods in Uttarakhand. Some people confuse Deodar with pine; however, the former is a Himalayan variety of cedar that is highly prized for its wood. The Deoban journey begins at Chakrata, but there are other approaches as well, because the forests in this region are huge, including the Rikhand forest, and are all linked by shepherd trails.

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